Why Do I Do This?

Again, my apologies for the “stutter step” on Tuesday with the ADT job.  But in a way, I feel it was good for me and for all of you readers out there to see my thought process on these little “field trips” I go on to find work.  In the end, it made no sense to work at a place that seems too good to be true.  These kind of places are usually the first ones busted by the state (for not licensing their employees) or the federal goverment (such as Suntasia/Strategia Marketing, busted in 2007).

Why do I do this?

I think it’s important to show you what goes on from the inside, if you will.  I think everyone benefits from a little diary such as this.  The telemarketing companies not as much.  But what can they do other than fire me?  Unless they have ties to the Mafia, not so much.  A few years ago a few of the boiler rooms here in Tampa Bay may have been mobbed up.  You don’t hear about that all so much these days.

I have another “field trip” geared up for tomorrow.  Talk to you then.