Day 1: The Prisoner

Well, the new gig at Company X went bust pretty fast. I got disgusted and walked over a lack of training that they give you.

I can never understand why companies would want to rush you into selling something they barely train you for. Would you cook a plate of spaghetti if you barely knew how, or fly a plane if they told you what only a few parts of a plane do?

It kind of reminds me of The Prisoner TV show. Instead of numbers in place of human beings, it’s scam jobs in place of dignified jobs. In the end, the scheme set up to entrap Number Six is apparent – just like in the end the scam to entrap customers or even employees is always apparent.

I wasn’t looking for a free lunch. I was looking for a fair shake. Didn’t find it here, and life will go on.


Training Days Gone By

So tomorrow is the day.  I get thoroughly trained at the National Magazine Exchange tomorrow, then I may go one the phones Tuesday, no later than Wednesday.  They actually let you get information and study it before they put you on!  A remarkable concept.

NME is one of the few telemarketing outfits that seems to take training of its employees seriously.  Most places you’re lucky if you get an hour to figure things out, which is baffling to me.

Compare it to other lines of work.  I’m about 6 feet one and around 275 pounds on a good day.  Say I went to International Mall in Tampa one day, not too far from Raymond James Stadium where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play.  Say the Bucs needed an offensive lineman, and their line coach was roaming the mall looking for big men.  And say THEY gave me a mere hour of training before I suited up against another NFL team.

What would likely happen?  The defensive line on the opposing team would in all likelihood find all sorts of ways to evade my blocking, because I only had one hour to learn how to block.  The players an the opposing defensive line have been trained since childhood on how to evade and get around offensive linemen, so because they have experience and I don’t, they would be more likely to carry the day.

This won’t be a problem for me tomorrow.  The Pinellas County transit system proves to be a bigger obstacle in the days ahead.