Dress For The Lack Of Success

There’s something else I’ve noticed about Craig’s List ads as of late that has been a recurring theme on this blog, and that’s how many of the business that want employees to dress in a “business casual” manner.  Some even went you to put suits, ties, and dresses on for people you talk to that THEY (the callers) cannot see.

As previously mentioned, I find this a very anal retentive way of doing business.  Not everyone who needs a job has easy access to good clothes.  I don’t even keep more than a couple of pair of slacks in my wardrobe.  A decade ago, very few businesses cared about how employees dress, provided they weren’t wearing something crazy.  Now, it seems every business wants you in your Sunday best.

A few years ago, one company explained to me that if you look good, you will feel good and that will be evident as you speak on the phone.


It’s just one more layer of bullshit these companies wish to put you through, just because they can.  Resist it if you can, as these companies merely do this to keep the poor priced out of jobs they could acquire to better themselves.  They want warm bodies, just certain types of warm bodies.  Their ideas defeat their own purposes.


A Fair Exchange Of Information

Trolling the Craigslist ads, December 7, 2012.
Trolling the Craigslist ads, December 7, 2012.

As I mentioned back on November 10th, a lot of the telemarketing job openings in central Pinellas have simply gone away, and are not advertising job openings nor have they since the Presidential elections. My guess is a lot of these companies now see a second term for a President Obama as confirmation that his health care system will take effect, and have decided not to hire any more help.

I continue to see a lot of companies that still do hire in Pinellas County put up what I call “weasel ads” on Craigslist.  They will put up an ad, and not put up a phone number as to who to call and where to go, just the “reply to this ad” button in the upper left of the job page.  Some company who hides behind an E-mail won’t talk to you if they don’t want to, which defeats the whole purpose of hiring to begin with, doesn’t it?  A company with an address or a phone number would be a lot less likely to play a shell game on somebody looking for a job.

And would not a perspective hire think twice about replying to such an ad?  If they (the advertiser of a job) have something to hide now, it’s probably for a reason that will be discovered later.  Maybe it’s not a licensed place.  Maybe it’s a place where you are a “1099” independent contractor employee, where the company you do business with does not take out taxes.

So if you see one of those “weasel ads” on Craigslist, avoid it like the plague.  It’s usually not worth the headaches it will cost you later.

Where Did All The Jobs Go?

While the whole National Magazine Exchange fiasco was going on in my life, something pretty odd has been happening on Craigslist, or at least here in the Tampa Bay area.

The number of sales jobs advertised has been reduced by at least 50%, if not more.  Did all the boiler rooms get a little gun shy over the 2012 Presidential elections?  Is the economy and the so called “fiscal cliff” the country now faces the culprit in the job freeze I’m perceiving?

For instance, here in Pinellas County there was an abundance of telemarketing jobs in the electric industry.  If the economy gets worse before it gets better as many currently speculate, look for the electric jobs to rapidly disappear if oil and gas prices climb.

There’s a travel office in Pinellas County that claims their business is recession proof.  That cannot not true.  If people don’t have any money, they aren’t going to go on vacation, are they?

So maybe things get worse before they get better.  But it doesn’t deter my efforts.