Dress For The Lack Of Success

There’s something else I’ve noticed about Craig’s List ads as of late that has been a recurring theme on this blog, and that’s how many of the business that want employees to dress in a “business casual” manner.  Some even went you to put suits, ties, and dresses on for people you talk to that THEY (the callers) cannot see.

As previously mentioned, I find this a very anal retentive way of doing business.  Not everyone who needs a job has easy access to good clothes.  I don’t even keep more than a couple of pair of slacks in my wardrobe.  A decade ago, very few businesses cared about how employees dress, provided they weren’t wearing something crazy.  Now, it seems every business wants you in your Sunday best.

A few years ago, one company explained to me that if you look good, you will feel good and that will be evident as you speak on the phone.


It’s just one more layer of bullshit these companies wish to put you through, just because they can.  Resist it if you can, as these companies merely do this to keep the poor priced out of jobs they could acquire to better themselves.  They want warm bodies, just certain types of warm bodies.  Their ideas defeat their own purposes.


Illusions Of Choice

So let me tell you a story about a job I applied for a few years ago off of Roosevelt Blvd. in Clearwater, Florida.

This was a vacation boiler room where this company hired basically college kids.  Like most travel rooms, they were looking for college kids for a reason.  They look for college kids, people with a happy go lucky attitude because the product they sell does not sell itself.  Plus, the usual sales pitch has a little misdirection to it.  You as the seller has to act like the people on the other end of the phone have won something.  In truth, they have, but what they won wasn’t free, it is usually a trip somewhere at a reduced rate that requires attending a timeshare seminar of some sort.  Kind of like the South Park episode where they all go to a ski resort, but the timeshare seminar has one hidden trick after another to entice them to buy.

These people were advertising flexible shifts, but when I got there, the shifts weren’t so flexible.  I meet this lady named Sunita, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Sunita: What shift do you want to work?
Me: The day shift.
Sunita: Oh shucks, we just ran out of day shift seats yesterday.  How about nights?
Me: How about days, as you advertised?
Sunita: How about coming back when you have a better attitude, mister!

So the next time I saw this company advertising in Craig’s List a few months later, I shot some E-mails to the particular advertisers.  Is there a day shift?  Are there openings in said day shift?  I was assured yes.  I went back to that very same office, met Sunita once more…

…and got the same hooey about the day shift just running out of day shifts.

Needless to say, I didn’t get that job.  And in this business, not getting certain jobs is usually better than the jobs you DO get.