Why Do I Do This?

Again, my apologies for the “stutter step” on Tuesday with the ADT job.  But in a way, I feel it was good for me and for all of you readers out there to see my thought process on these little “field trips” I go on to find work.  In the end, it made no sense to work at a place that seems too good to be true.  These kind of places are usually the first ones busted by the state (for not licensing their employees) or the federal goverment (such as Suntasia/Strategia Marketing, busted in 2007).

Why do I do this?

I think it’s important to show you what goes on from the inside, if you will.  I think everyone benefits from a little diary such as this.  The telemarketing companies not as much.  But what can they do other than fire me?  Unless they have ties to the Mafia, not so much.  A few years ago a few of the boiler rooms here in Tampa Bay may have been mobbed up.  You don’t hear about that all so much these days.

I have another “field trip” geared up for tomorrow.  Talk to you then.


I Don’t Mind Russian Roulette, But Let’s Not Commit Suicide

After discussing the matter with a trusted family member, I have decided to decline the ADT offer.  After further reflection, it seems too much a pig in a poke to me.

I’ve never been “sold” over a job like Nathan did today. It felt like getting the job itself was a sales pitch. Makes me wonder what’s being hidden from view.  Plus he implied that his ADT company (or shell company) isn’t scamming people, while the telemarketing companies that offer an hourly wage do.

To that, I respond: oh, really? Seemed in retrospect a schizophrenic argument, if you ask me.

Plus, what I would make on the job would be totally out of my control.  I could transfer one call and have somebody else make one sale, or theoretically I could make 30 transfers and have somebody else get me no sales.  Sounds like something that can be manipulated by the powers that be if they wanted to. Why not total up all the sales and divide them up amongst the fronters? That would seem a more equitable way of doing things.

I apologize for the indecision, but I’d rather agonize over this on a blog and make the right decision than say nothing and do it all wrong.

Break Out The Oreos, Baby

Well, the good news is I have employment.  The bad news is it’s less hours and poorer conditions than I wanted.

I went to the unmarked office on Park Boulevard and met a gregarious young man named Nathan.  The office sells ADT Security systems, but whether or not it is ADT itself or some kind of shell company that’s earned the right to sell this systems, I don’t know.  It’s not like they tell you these things.

Two points I balked at: one was that this is a commission only job.  As I pointed out on September 29th, these jobs I usually tend to avoid, and I made my objections known.  Nathan pointed out that you can go to Walgreens, Subway, or any other place and make an hourly wage.  I don’t think he got the point I was trying to make, and that is more my fault than his.  I meant that why doesn’t this company offer an hourly wage as a safety net.  He turned that point into a straw man argument, I think, making it an overall debate about hourly wage in general.

Then there’s the whole matter of working four hour shifts.  They were advertising eight hour full-time shifts, but I didn’t get that choice.  I chose between 10am to 2pm or 5pm to 9pm, so I took the earlier.

It felt more like a recruitment than a job hiring, and I had the feeling Nathan was attempting to hustle me.  All I do is ask prospective callers a few questions, and if they seem interested, I hand them off to someone who tries to sell them their product.  With every successful sell, I get $100.00.  I don’t even know if I get taxes taken off of that.

So it all seems like a crap shoot to me, but there aren’t that many good jobs out there right now.  When I brought up the point that four hours isn’t a lot of time to make money, Nathan told me that “we take care of good people.”  So for now, I’ll stick with it, telling you the reader all about it along the way.