Day 0, Part II: Preparation

I’m running around the house more paranoid than Alex Jones, making sure everything is done so I can train tomorrow morning. Shower? What if they shut the water off here tomorrow before I can get out of here? (No, I’m not in bill trouble – but there is water testing scheduled.) I shower tonight instead.

I’m carrying a bag with me tomorrow to keep some stuff – notebook, pens, a phone charger, a couple of bottles of water. I want to be prepared – but not overly so.

The alarm is set for 6:30 in the morning, and I have to be there just before nine. I never sleep well the day before a job begins, and I suspect tonight will be no different. So many “known unknowns” as a government official named Donald Rumsfeld once said. Do I go on the phones tomorrow, the first day I’m there? Are we going all the way through the day until the late afternoon?

In the absence of information, I have to be prepared for anything.


Day 0: Wait, How Did I Wind Up Back Here Again?

I feel like an alcoholic being back here again, three years and change after my last piece. But on this date of June 5, 2018 – I accepted another telemarketing job, and I start it tomorrow.

My voice sings the siren song of optimism, but we’ll see how long that lasts before it is ripped away. My goal is to last as long as possible, but if that’s really the goal, what am I doing here?

My office is an electric company on a busy north-south highway/road in the middle of Pinellas County. My starting wages are said to be $10/hour. I will have to apply for a telemarketers license through this company – something I’ve never had to have held before as a work condition.

I’d love to say a lot more, but hey – I DO want to try and keep this job a bit, so I’ll just call this firm “Company X” for now. That should be anonymous enough to keep the heat off.

It’ll be interesting – I never thought I’d be a blogger here again.

Dress For The Lack Of Success

There’s something else I’ve noticed about Craig’s List ads as of late that has been a recurring theme on this blog, and that’s how many of the business that want employees to dress in a “business casual” manner.  Some even went you to put suits, ties, and dresses on for people you talk to that THEY (the callers) cannot see.

As previously mentioned, I find this a very anal retentive way of doing business.  Not everyone who needs a job has easy access to good clothes.  I don’t even keep more than a couple of pair of slacks in my wardrobe.  A decade ago, very few businesses cared about how employees dress, provided they weren’t wearing something crazy.  Now, it seems every business wants you in your Sunday best.

A few years ago, one company explained to me that if you look good, you will feel good and that will be evident as you speak on the phone.


It’s just one more layer of bullshit these companies wish to put you through, just because they can.  Resist it if you can, as these companies merely do this to keep the poor priced out of jobs they could acquire to better themselves.  They want warm bodies, just certain types of warm bodies.  Their ideas defeat their own purposes.

Imminent Infiltration

I’ll probably be looking around for telemarketing work once more in the coming weeks.  Without going into much detail, my life situation is changing, and my happiness where I live is deteriorating.

As Maya Angelou once said: if you don’t like something, change it.

Looking at the sales jobs in Craiglist this past week, I note that are fewer and fewer job opportunities in the boiler rooms.  That’s good for the people who don’t like getting those phone calls, bad for the people who need work.

Oddly enough, all the boiler rooms I mentioned back in the fall are still looking for employees.  Like the ADT Security people on Park Boulevard.  And Gulf Coast Processing now off of Ulmerton Road.

One of the axioms of the business seems to be: those that constantly hire are those that constantly fire and are constant liars.

Now I have to get back in the water with these crocodiles again. Sucks.

Eating Where You Once Crapped

Looking back at what I’ve done in my telemarketing career, such as it has been, my one regret is this: going back to companies where I worked previously, thinking a second chance there would work out when the first chance didn’t.

Now, this does work for some people, I know.  My main problem with a lot of the Tampa Bay boiler rooms are the work conditions.  They put ads in the paper (now a days its Craiglist) where they tell you A,B, and C.  When you fill the employment application, they don’t tell you anything different.  But when you train there, A becomes X, B becomes Y, C becomes Z.  In other words, what you’ve been told to get you in the door isn’t what actually takes place.

So if you ever find yourself in that position, going to work for a telemarketer you didn’t originally like the first time, ask yourself that question.  What is so different now as opposed to what was happening then?  It may save yourself some employment heartache.

What Part Of No Do You Fail To Understand?

You all want to hear a good one?

I got a call from a telemarketing company I used to work for today. The Think Direct Marketing Group called just after 3:30, wanting to rehire me.

Mind you, I only lasted a day with them back in November.  Mentioned so on this very blog back in the early part of that month.  Are they that stupid, or that desperate?

Just for the record, I would work for them under two conditions; each of which would have be met before I’d even consider it.  One, they have a “work from home” program that has opening, so doing that would be the first condition.  The second condition is that the fine system they have there would have to be abolished.

So Think Direct Marketing, if you are out there monitoring this blog, and you can meet those two conditions, give me a call.  Otherwise, my time is being wasted.

Bait And Switch

I’ve been reading on Craigslist here in Pinellas County that US Direct, another company that hawks magazines here in Pinellas County, is looking for employees.

I worked for US Direct in 2007, and lasted one day.  But I had cause.

What US Direct didn’t tell me was not only did they have the magazine program there, but another program on top of it.  Some kind of “Life Alert” kind of spiel.  So one summer day six years ago, I go in and get hired on a Wednesday, thinking I was going to sell magazines, applying to an ad in the then-St. Petersburg Times for their magazine program.

Turns out that when into training on Monday, I wasn’t going to sell magazines, but this “Life Alert” crap, or whatever it was.  I sat through the first part of their training, and when the first break came, I got the hell out of there.  If they were going to pull this bait and switch routine with employees, it didn’t bode well for what they did to their customers, I supposed.

They had another draconian rule there.  If you took an unscheduled day off, the only way you could not have your hourly pay rate reduced is if you had a doctor’s note.  If you had no note, the only way you made more dough is if you sold enough to make commission.

A bunch of heartless people over there, currently at 4950 Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park.  I may “infiltrate” them soon.  Would make a good story, wouldn’t it?