Killing People With Unkindness

Yep, I’m still around.

I have had the good fortune to not have to go back to the boiler rooms yet. But as 2014 dawns, I may be still singing a different tune, now that I will have to pay for this little thing called the Affordable Care Act that is a misnomer if I have ever heard one.

But that might not be so bad for this blog. It might get me a new set of adventures to report to you with.

Speaking of new adventures, I’ve been getting calls from that organization of telemarketers that has the word “Florida” in it. The latest recon I get is that these organizations are Republican Party fronts, giving their donations to only those candidates that frolic with the elephants.

But when they call, they can never get my name right.

And I have a last name that if it’s mispronounced, it has a different perceived spelling to it.

I tell these people that specific person isn’t there.

They call back. And call back again.

So when I use that spiel over and over, they finally catch on.

I’m told by one guy today with a foreign accent that “We are calling the correct number, sir.”


So if I had moved in the past few days and forgotten to disconnect the phone line, or if the caller’s organization was slow in getting that information, they would be calling the correct number?

From that point, I yessed the guy a couple of times and dropped the phone when he went into his pitch.

Maybe now they’ll get the point that I don’t want to talk to them.