Imminent Infiltration

I’ll probably be looking around for telemarketing work once more in the coming weeks.  Without going into much detail, my life situation is changing, and my happiness where I live is deteriorating.

As Maya Angelou once said: if you don’t like something, change it.

Looking at the sales jobs in Craiglist this past week, I note that are fewer and fewer job opportunities in the boiler rooms.  That’s good for the people who don’t like getting those phone calls, bad for the people who need work.

Oddly enough, all the boiler rooms I mentioned back in the fall are still looking for employees.  Like the ADT Security people on Park Boulevard.  And Gulf Coast Processing now off of Ulmerton Road.

One of the axioms of the business seems to be: those that constantly hire are those that constantly fire and are constant liars.

Now I have to get back in the water with these crocodiles again. Sucks.