Eating Where You Once Crapped

Looking back at what I’ve done in my telemarketing career, such as it has been, my one regret is this: going back to companies where I worked previously, thinking a second chance there would work out when the first chance didn’t.

Now, this does work for some people, I know.  My main problem with a lot of the Tampa Bay boiler rooms are the work conditions.  They put ads in the paper (now a days its Craiglist) where they tell you A,B, and C.  When you fill the employment application, they don’t tell you anything different.  But when you train there, A becomes X, B becomes Y, C becomes Z.  In other words, what you’ve been told to get you in the door isn’t what actually takes place.

So if you ever find yourself in that position, going to work for a telemarketer you didn’t originally like the first time, ask yourself that question.  What is so different now as opposed to what was happening then?  It may save yourself some employment heartache.


What Part Of No Do You Fail To Understand?

You all want to hear a good one?

I got a call from a telemarketing company I used to work for today. The Think Direct Marketing Group called just after 3:30, wanting to rehire me.

Mind you, I only lasted a day with them back in November.  Mentioned so on this very blog back in the early part of that month.  Are they that stupid, or that desperate?

Just for the record, I would work for them under two conditions; each of which would have be met before I’d even consider it.  One, they have a “work from home” program that has opening, so doing that would be the first condition.  The second condition is that the fine system they have there would have to be abolished.

So Think Direct Marketing, if you are out there monitoring this blog, and you can meet those two conditions, give me a call.  Otherwise, my time is being wasted.