The “Don’t You Record Me” Stratagem

A few weeks ago, I was mentioning some strategies in how to deal with telemarketers, and whether or not they work.

The next time you have to deal with one, try this strategy out.

If the telemarketer tells you they are recording you, for quality assurance purposes or otherwise, hang up.

There are plenty of variations of this strategy.  You can tell them “no” or “no chance” or even “no way” when they mention this.  You can set the phone down somewhere and grab a bottle of water, rearrange your sock drawer, break wind over the phone, or just refuse to say anything until they hang up.  That’s one I use a lot.  Liars give you too much information.  Sit back and wait to pounce.  Think of yourself as a baseball hitter waiting for that right pitch to hit a home run off of.

If you really want to put a telemarketer on his or her heels, tell them that you are recording them.  If they object, you could point out their hypocrisy.

They may call you back a week, a month, or a few months from now.  When they do, keep doing the same thing.  But sooner or later, they’ll realize continuing to call you is a stalemate at best, and they will give up.  Make them submit to your will.  Don’t submit to theirs.


A Strategy That Doesn’t Always Work…

So there’s this video on YouTube about how you can terrorize telemarketers with one word: saying “yes” over and over.

This strategy doesn’t always work.

If you’re saying yes repeatedly to someone who wants to clean your carpet, or check your air conditioning unit, saying yes will only get them to knock on your do, saying you gave your consent for their invasion of your home.

When dealing with that kind of situation, it might not be a bad idea to mix in the word “no” when the appointment setting moment arrives.

Then again, you can always deny that you set up the appointment to begin with, provided they didn’t record the conversation.