You’ll Never Work In This Town Again

So is my future as a telemarketer over?  Right now, it looks that way.

But it would be foolish never to say never.  Some of these boiler rooms have short term memories, while some have the memories of an elephant.  They are like snowflakes, each room having their own set of rules and standards.  Not that there’s totally anything wrong with that.

These businesses will get more and more desperate, with mandated healthcare cutting into their profits in the years ahead now that President Obama has locked up a second term in the White House.  And that will probably lead to more scrutiny from the states that license telemarketing organizations.  More scrutiny will probably lead to more states licensing telemarketers.  Twenty seven states currently do, but I could easily see the industry having to meet federal licensing within ten years.  Then, unfortunately, you’ll have to be licensed to do anything work related.  That’s the sad reality that lies ahead.

This business pretty much destroyed the first two decades on my adult life.  Only because I allowed it happen.  The best thing I can do is not to allow it to happen anymore and take responsibility for what did happen.

That doesn’t mean this blog is going to wither and die, either.  You never know what news may crop up.


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