Work At Your Own Risk

It hasn’t escaped my attention that I may be beating a dead horse here, but after doing a little Internet browsing this morning, I’m discovering yet another reason why not continuing on with National Magazine Exchange was a fortuitous move on my part.

It gets back to the whole licensing issue yet again.  According to a page I’m reading on Ehow this morning, it is illegal for a company to state a preference as to how to pay for a good or service.

That’s exactly what NME does, or so I’m led to believe by what I saw and heard Monday.  They do not give employees any other option but to ask for payment of magazines by a credit card.  If NME offered other options, they did not reveal that to me as an employee on Monday.  And since the business they do originates from Florida, that’s a violation of state law.  It’d be a violation of state law even if they were in another state and called Florida residents.

Also, all sales scripts have to be submitted to the state of Florida for their review and approval.  I had no idea prior to this morning that this was a requirement, nor do I know if NME does this.  Since they’re violating state regulations in one area, I would doubt they would comply in another area.

I don’t wish any of the long time employees at NME any ill will.  But they should know that if the Florida Department of Argiculture and Consumer Services can crack down once, as they did in March of this year, they very well will crack down again.

If you’re an employee there (or anywhere else) and you’re reading this blog, get out while you can.  YOU can be charged or fined for continuing to work under these conditions.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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