Doing The Same Thing Over And Over

NME Badge, I barely knew ye.

So I sat in one of these cubicles in a classroom series at high noon yesterday. They give you this manila folder and sign a whole bunch of papers that you never see again, nor do they give you the time to read the information in depth.  The words are never spoken to us, but you get the impression you’re there to sign, sign, sign, and shut up about what you sign.

They go over this script you use that has so many ifs, ands, whens, and buts in it that it looks like a Chinese puzzle written in English.  They want to establish rapport with the caller, to be their temporary buddy.

If the sucker…I mean caller… doesn’t get any cute ideas about just hanging up in the ten minutes or so you have with them, the employee is required to use four rebuttals in a certain order to try an encourage a sale. Once they agree, you hand the call over to a verifier, who might spend another 30-40 minutes talking the caller’s head off.

Now here was another “deal killer” for me:  As a employee at National Magazine Exchange, should I fail to do my job properly after a two week grace period, I’m subject to having my pay docked per infraction from $2 to $12 depending on the severity of my transgression, which could be anything from inappropriate conversation to badgering and profanity.  While NME may have a Code of Ethics (which, oddly enough, doesn’t include getting a telemarketing license or being licensed), a fine system seems like it could be easily abused without some kind of appeals process for the employee.  If such a process exists, it wasn’t mentioned in the first day of training, which leads me to believe it does not exist.

If you’re there to make money, how focused can you be if you have to worry about losing money?  Time to regroup and re-evaluate the game plan for me.

Doing The Same Thing Over And Over

2 thoughts on “Doing The Same Thing Over And Over

  1. […] A lot of the boiler rooms in the Tampa Bay put up so many barriers and deceive their employees so often, one wonders if THEY are the prey of the owners, and not the people they’re attempting to fleece. If you can do the job, they may or may not have a dress code, which for strictly a phone job I often found ridiculous. One company I attempted to work for three years ago found a new way to screw employees by fining them for a variety of misdeeds. […]

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