Whether You Think You Can Or Can’t…

I know this is becoming a bit of a bad habit, but completed one day of training of National Magazine Exchange and have already decided not to return.  History repeats itself, as this is exactly what happened in 1997, by my choice.

Why couldn’t I commit?  While I hate the idea of telemarketing licenses here in Florida, any place who doesn’t offer those is a sitting duck.  Think Direct Marketing is one of those places.  I could do well there, no doubt in my mind about that, but everything doesn’t matter if the state of Florida decides to bust this place.  Not being a licensed established only assures that has a chance of happening.  If I get caught selling with no license, as was proven with the Universal Marketing Solutions bust back in March, I would be at risk of being fined or criminally charged.

There are numerous other reasons that I decided this would be a no go that I’ll go into this week in depth.  I’ll give you one now though.  I was told coming into today that after the first day that I would be coming in to work at 1pm.  During the first day of training today, I was told that wasn’t true: that I’d have to come in at 12:45 at the latest.

So why couldn’t they have told me that from the onset?  I could get to their offices at Bryan Dairy Road in Largo at 1pm.  But the way the buses run in Central Pinellas, 12:45 would be another matter entirely.  Seems as if I accepted this moving of the goal posts, it sets the precedent to where I’d have to accept other attempts to tamper with my hours.  Unacceptable.

I knew I shouldn’t have answered that call a week ago Monday…


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