Off Of The Ether

My NME Newbies Packet

My NME Newbies Packet

So let me go over what I’m doing come Monday in greater detail.

I will start out as a Subscription Sales Associate at National Magazine Exchange, which is now part of Think Direct Marketing Group.

My first two weeks, I work five consecutive days, Monday thru Friday. After that, I work Monday to Wednesday, get a day off, then work Friday (also payday from the second Friday onward) and Saturday. I get Sunday off, then the week begins anew.

For the first two weeks, I get $8.50 an hour, unless I do well enough to qualify for the other pay programs which would be greater than the hourly wage. I also get issued headsets, for which $50 is deducted from pay at $25 each from the first two checks.

Also, I have to adhere to a dress code which is simplified. Simply, blue jeans can’t be worn unless it is Friday, Saturday, or any day deemed permitted by the powers that be.

So that’s what I know.

It does strike me a little strange that once I get out of training, you don’t get any more than one day off in a row at any given time. But hey, they’re giving me a chance. Why not go for it?


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