I Don’t Mind Russian Roulette, But Let’s Not Commit Suicide

After discussing the matter with a trusted family member, I have decided to decline the ADT offer.  After further reflection, it seems too much a pig in a poke to me.

I’ve never been “sold” over a job like Nathan did today. It felt like getting the job itself was a sales pitch. Makes me wonder what’s being hidden from view.  Plus he implied that his ADT company (or shell company) isn’t scamming people, while the telemarketing companies that offer an hourly wage do.

To that, I respond: oh, really? Seemed in retrospect a schizophrenic argument, if you ask me.

Plus, what I would make on the job would be totally out of my control.  I could transfer one call and have somebody else make one sale, or theoretically I could make 30 transfers and have somebody else get me no sales.  Sounds like something that can be manipulated by the powers that be if they wanted to. Why not total up all the sales and divide them up amongst the fronters? That would seem a more equitable way of doing things.

I apologize for the indecision, but I’d rather agonize over this on a blog and make the right decision than say nothing and do it all wrong.

I Don’t Mind Russian Roulette, But Let’s Not Commit Suicide

Break Out The Oreos, Baby

Well, the good news is I have employment.  The bad news is it’s less hours and poorer conditions than I wanted.

I went to the unmarked office on Park Boulevard and met a gregarious young man named Nathan.  The office sells ADT Security systems, but whether or not it is ADT itself or some kind of shell company that’s earned the right to sell this systems, I don’t know.  It’s not like they tell you these things.

Two points I balked at: one was that this is a commission only job.  As I pointed out on September 29th, these jobs I usually tend to avoid, and I made my objections known.  Nathan pointed out that you can go to Walgreens, Subway, or any other place and make an hourly wage.  I don’t think he got the point I was trying to make, and that is more my fault than his.  I meant that why doesn’t this company offer an hourly wage as a safety net.  He turned that point into a straw man argument, I think, making it an overall debate about hourly wage in general.

Then there’s the whole matter of working four hour shifts.  They were advertising eight hour full-time shifts, but I didn’t get that choice.  I chose between 10am to 2pm or 5pm to 9pm, so I took the earlier.

It felt more like a recruitment than a job hiring, and I had the feeling Nathan was attempting to hustle me.  All I do is ask prospective callers a few questions, and if they seem interested, I hand them off to someone who tries to sell them their product.  With every successful sell, I get $100.00.  I don’t even know if I get taxes taken off of that.

So it all seems like a crap shoot to me, but there aren’t that many good jobs out there right now.  When I brought up the point that four hours isn’t a lot of time to make money, Nathan told me that “we take care of good people.”  So for now, I’ll stick with it, telling you the reader all about it along the way.

Break Out The Oreos, Baby

On The Prowl…

Back on the hunt again this autumn Tuesday. I’d love to tell you where I’m going, but I don’t know the names of the places yet.

People ask me all the time, how can you go to places you don’t know the names of? Simple. Because they show up in ads as phone numbers and addresses. Not all the time, but at least 90%.

The first place I’m going to is off of Park Boulevard, one of the main east-west routes in town. It looks like an easy job, and it looks like they’re looking for full-time workers.

If you’ve learned anything about this blog, you’ve already learned nothing that appears easy has been. I eagerly await my fate.

On The Prowl…

Quality Resources, Inc.

So as I was reading the Tampa Bay Times yesterday, I was amazed to see that Quality Resources had an ad in the want ads.  I’m amazed the people employed there haven’t staged some kind of takeover or revolt by now.

In this area, they are by far the worst boiler room in Pinellas County.  I don’t care how well they pay.  You don’t put a price on dignity.

They require applicants to dress professionally, for one.  Like I said in my very first post, it’s a huge waste of time to dress nice for people who can’t even see you.  In other lines of work, dressing professional would be a better idea.  But for phone sales?  Please.  It’s basically conditioning you that they are your bosses, and you are their slaves, and they allow you to pick the cotton.

Secondly, the person who interviews you wants you to train the next day, or you do not get the job.  So if you had a doctor’s appointment or another commitment the next day, they don’t care.  If you apply on a Tuesday, expect to train on a Wednesday.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

So I went through their hoops in late 2004.  I ran through the training, and I’m sitting at this desk, listening to calls.  The guy who’s training me tells me that when the shift ends, you’re not allowed to leave until they dismiss you, regardless of whether or not it keeps you past the designated end of shift time.  And that was the clincher for me, that and the fact that they work you on Saturdays, and Saturday is a full-time day to them.  I would have fought that whole dentention thing, which means I probably would have been fired at some point afterward.

Maybe I’ll get back to them someday, it would make for some good material for this blog, wouldn’t it?

Quality Resources, Inc.

No, Experience (Is) Necessary

I had what I hoped would busy plate in front of me today, but fate conspired against me.

Today trip was to Gulf Coast Processing, a travel boiler room not too far from the St. Pete-Clearwater Airport. And again, the issue wound up being my experience, or lack thereof.

Problem is that GCP wasn’t specifying what type of experience they wanted from applicants in their ads. A lot of the Pinellas boiler rooms didn’t care. Now they do. So they could have save me some time with more accurate information.

What’s that an effect of? Telemarketing licenses? The slow economy? Who knows.

So I was promised a call back, so instead of pounding the pavement at other places, I went home. The call never came.

That ticked me off more than anything. These people are in the communication business, so communicate.

Looks at this point like more pavement pounding is in store come Monday.

UPDATE, November 18th:  Gulf Coast Processing has since moved to offices on Tall Pines Drive in Largo, which is on Ulmerton Road just east of the Ulmerton-Starkey Road intersection.  Maybe my application got lost in the move?  Yeah, right.

No, Experience (Is) Necessary

Illusions Of Choice

So let me tell you a story about a job I applied for a few years ago off of Roosevelt Blvd. in Clearwater, Florida.

This was a vacation boiler room where this company hired basically college kids.  Like most travel rooms, they were looking for college kids for a reason.  They look for college kids, people with a happy go lucky attitude because the product they sell does not sell itself.  Plus, the usual sales pitch has a little misdirection to it.  You as the seller has to act like the people on the other end of the phone have won something.  In truth, they have, but what they won wasn’t free, it is usually a trip somewhere at a reduced rate that requires attending a timeshare seminar of some sort.  Kind of like the South Park episode where they all go to a ski resort, but the timeshare seminar has one hidden trick after another to entice them to buy.

These people were advertising flexible shifts, but when I got there, the shifts weren’t so flexible.  I meet this lady named Sunita, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Sunita: What shift do you want to work?
Me: The day shift.
Sunita: Oh shucks, we just ran out of day shift seats yesterday.  How about nights?
Me: How about days, as you advertised?
Sunita: How about coming back when you have a better attitude, mister!

So the next time I saw this company advertising in Craig’s List a few months later, I shot some E-mails to the particular advertisers.  Is there a day shift?  Are there openings in said day shift?  I was assured yes.  I went back to that very same office, met Sunita once more…

…and got the same hooey about the day shift just running out of day shifts.

Needless to say, I didn’t get that job.  And in this business, not getting certain jobs is usually better than the jobs you DO get.

Illusions Of Choice