The Aptitude Test

One of things I’ll be doing on my visit at National Magazine Exchange is taking some kind of aptitude test.

I have a little trepidation about such a test because I took one at Consumer Sales Solutions back in 2009 and didn’t get hired subsequently.  Now in fairness, I did try to get employment there twice previously, once in 2000, once in 2004.

CSS is a electric sales boiler room on Douglas Avenue in Dunedin that is own lock, stock, and barrel by Scientologists.  Say you don’t like that particular operation for whatever reason you have.  Then you go hunting through the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Petersburg Times), or now a days, Craigslist. Say you find a place on Cleveland Street and Missouri Avenue called Consumer Energy Solutions.

Yep.  They too are owned by Scientologists!  I can’t honestly say that they try to convert you over to their “religion” while you smile and dial, because I was never there all that long.  I’m just curious as to why the Scientologists need two energy boiler rooms in two different connecting cities to carry out their business enterprises.

Back to the aptitude test I took back in June of 2009.  I know I aced that test because it was a bunch of math, spelling, and logistical questions.  Basic math was never a problem for me when I was in school.  It was algebra and trigonometry that I sucked at, because I didn’t see the every day use for it in my life, thus I wasn’t motivated to be a good student at it.  I turned in my test, never got a call back as when I could start at CSS to this day, three years and change later.

While National Magazine Exchange looks like a done deal, I’m still wary of a last-second kick out here, that the chances that I won’t get hired are still there. Maybe these tests are not there to weed out the unintelligent, but to do the reverse.


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