The Longshot Comes In

As I watch what’s happening up on the coast of the northeast United States with Hurricane Sandy, a storm system that appears that it will defeat the odds and defy conventional wisdom as to what a tropical system is supposed to do, another long shot has come in.

National Magazine Exchange did indeed get the application I put in on October 25th, and that they wish to re-hire me.  I have a 1pm appointment with them on Wednesday, October 31st.

Yes, I said some things about them in my last post that might come back and bite me on the ass.  But this blog is about my experiences, and experiences are somewhat based on perceptions and what appears real.  And those were my perceptions at the time.  Time will tell if those perceptions are reality or if they were something else.

I’m wondering through my house this Monday morning saying: what the f*** just happened, and how in the world did it happen?!?  For now, it is a good thing. But understand that it could wind up being another dead end.


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