Well, You Lasted One Day

In 1994, I went over to east Hillsborough County to learn how to sell vacuum cleaners from a guy with a New York accent that looked like Klaus Kinski.  I lasted one day.  The sales techniques they were lecturing me on seemed very aggressive even for that era.

A few years ago, this company off of US 19 (one building in particular, 14001 63rd Way North in Clearwater gets traded around by telemarketing companies so frequently, you’d think it was a Monopoly property) was selling Verizon products and I went in to train for them.  They took my ID, and didn’t return it for several hours.  When I asked about it, this older lady asked me if I was quitting on them.  I said no, so she said mind your business.  Finally, I get my ID back at 2:40pm, ten minutes after the training ended.

I think she made it a point to detain me a little bit.  I made it a point never to come back.  I lasted one day.

Then there was the time I worked for Suntasia Marketing in 2004, applying for a position to specifically to sell one thing they were advertising in the then St. Petersburg Times (now the Tampa Bay Times), but told I will be selling something else entirely.  At the training session (which I had to play dress up for), I was told that if someone next to me said something obscene to a caller, and it got heard with a call I was dealing on, not only would the utterer of the obscenity get fired, so would I.

Don’t play games with my job, folks.  When the next break was taken, I got the hell out of there.  I lasted one day.  And in that particular instance, that was a bit of prophecy.  They got busted some three years later, sending a whole bunch of honest employees to the unemployment line.  Fortunately, I wasn’t one of them.


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