Quality Resources, Inc.

So as I was reading the Tampa Bay Times yesterday, I was amazed to see that Quality Resources had an ad in the want ads.  I’m amazed the people employed there haven’t staged some kind of takeover or revolt by now.

In this area, they are by far the worst boiler room in Pinellas County.  I don’t care how well they pay.  You don’t put a price on dignity.

They require applicants to dress professionally, for one.  Like I said in my very first post, it’s a huge waste of time to dress nice for people who can’t even see you.  In other lines of work, dressing professional would be a better idea.  But for phone sales?  Please.  It’s basically conditioning you that they are your bosses, and you are their slaves, and they allow you to pick the cotton.

Secondly, the person who interviews you wants you to train the next day, or you do not get the job.  So if you had a doctor’s appointment or another commitment the next day, they don’t care.  If you apply on a Tuesday, expect to train on a Wednesday.  No ifs, ands, or buts.

So I went through their hoops in late 2004.  I ran through the training, and I’m sitting at this desk, listening to calls.  The guy who’s training me tells me that when the shift ends, you’re not allowed to leave until they dismiss you, regardless of whether or not it keeps you past the designated end of shift time.  And that was the clincher for me, that and the fact that they work you on Saturdays, and Saturday is a full-time day to them.  I would have fought that whole dentention thing, which means I probably would have been fired at some point afterward.

Maybe I’ll get back to them someday, it would make for some good material for this blog, wouldn’t it?


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