No, Experience (Is) Necessary

I had what I hoped would busy plate in front of me today, but fate conspired against me.

Today trip was to Gulf Coast Processing, a travel boiler room not too far from the St. Pete-Clearwater Airport. And again, the issue wound up being my experience, or lack thereof.

Problem is that GCP wasn’t specifying what type of experience they wanted from applicants in their ads. A lot of the Pinellas boiler rooms didn’t care. Now they do. So they could have save me some time with more accurate information.

What’s that an effect of? Telemarketing licenses? The slow economy? Who knows.

So I was promised a call back, so instead of pounding the pavement at other places, I went home. The call never came.

That ticked me off more than anything. These people are in the communication business, so communicate.

Looks at this point like more pavement pounding is in store come Monday.

UPDATE, November 18th:  Gulf Coast Processing has since moved to offices on Tall Pines Drive in Largo, which is on Ulmerton Road just east of the Ulmerton-Starkey Road intersection.  Maybe my application got lost in the move?  Yeah, right.

No, Experience (Is) Necessary

6 thoughts on “No, Experience (Is) Necessary

  1. What was your overall perception of Florida Gulf Coast Processing by going into the office? Do they appear to be a professional outfit? Or, do they appear to be more concerned with having warm bodies in their seats to “work” their leads?

    1. They seemed more interested in warm bodies, but they also wanted people who don’t seem timid, which is pretty hard to gauge in new situations at least to me.

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