Baby Steps

It took a while, but I am finally on the job trail.

My first stop was Jabor Integrated on Gateway Center Boulevard here in Pinellas Park. The advantages of working there was it is only about a 30 minute walk from my location. I’d get a little exercise, plus there would be no transportation expenses.

The drawback wasn’t what I thought it would be: a general lack of experience on my part. Jabor is the only company I’m seeing locally looking for phone salesmen who pays hourly and commission. Being of that rare breed, I suspected it may come with strings attached.

I thought that “string” would be a stricter dress code. BONK! They were looking for more expert salespeople.

Oh well. Some will, some won’t, so what? Who cares? Next.

For me, “next” will be Friday, as I have as many as four companies to visit. I’ll get as many in as I can. A little disappointed today, but happy to get this project off of the ground.

Baby Steps

6 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Angela Billings says:

    Do not work at this company or for the man that runs it! Jason Borst!! Has had the Department of Agriculture raid two separate businesses, Had a vast number of employees arrested due to him telling them he had them covered on his co telemarketing license.Then left them and their families stuck when it was time to be bailed out. And then to top it off, when they were promised the checks, he mailed them out which took over a week. This man is a scam artist!! Any room that you have worked in where the boss is just out for cash and will let his employees go down for it, THIS IS THE WORST!!!!! Jason was also arrested, Claimed to corrections officers he was going bail out the employees. Did this because the co was going to put him in a small room alone w these ppl. Also begged to be put in private cell so ass not to have to explain anything to the angry and shocked employees he lied to! Shady place to work, Has his own mother in on all of it!

  2. Sueki Binaris says:

    Thanks for the head’s up! I was going to go over there for an interview this week. Looks like it is just a walk in type of thing. They are advertising for NON-SALES, customer srvc positions part time. I only need a job like that til I get my insurance license (in school now for it nights). Could it be tolerable just for a few months? Please let me know what U think. Thanks, Sueki

  3. I might be over there this week myself, Sueki. The intel I have heard is that it’s a place that requires a telemarketing license, which already puts the employee at a disadvantage. If licensing wasn’t a racket, why is it spearheaded by the Department of Agriculture…because we’re cattle? The non-sales thing might be a bait-and-switch where they advertise as such, but they start you off doing sales anyway. That’s a long standing tactic from the boiler rooms around here to lure people in as bait/prey. As noted in the comments above, the place has a shady history. If you can stomach it and ride the wave as long as you can, good luck to you.

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