Delays And Second Thoughts

My trip out scheduled for Monday has been delayed to tomorrow, as I gave a non-telemarketing job a look over.  Maybe I’m just procrastinating for no reason, but eventually I’m going to have to get off my ass and get this done.

I think the reason why I procrastinated was that I’m going to deal with degenerates in one form or another at these kind of jobs. I’ve never seen an employee at a telemarketing job who didn’t look like he or she really needed the money in one way or another. Maybe they have a drug problem, or more kids than they can afford to have had, or a domestic problem of some kind put them in the position they’re now in.

And I am no different. I’ll be working to save up to leave the area and move out West, provided nothing happens that screws up that plan in the interim. If so, the plan will change and I just might move to another part of Florida.  That’s Plan B.

So we all go to these boiler rooms in search of the almighty dollar.  Maybe I find it, more likely I don’t. But that’s why I’m bringing all of you along for the ride.


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