Dress Codes And Other Nonsense

So Dial America in Clearwater wants to talk to me about working for them. Yes, I applied to them last Wednesday night, and yes I went through their silly assessment test.

The test bills itself as having no wrong answers. Note to all prospective professional telemarketers: if a test is billed as having no wrong answers, there usually are wrong answers.

I will decline the offer to work there, though. They have a business casual dress code.

Why do some call centers have dress codes? It defies logic. Its not like the people you call up can SEE you on the other end of the phone.  It screams of anal retentiveness. And those who defend such a practice swear up and down that if you look professional, you will feel professional.

To that I say: bullshit. If someone is comfortable, they got one less thing to worry about. I’m not saying men should be proudly showing ass crack, or women should be showing off tramp stamp tattoos that are the rage these days. Dress responsibly.

Dress codes in boiler rooms speak to two things. One, a lack of individuality. Two, the people who run these companies don’t want people who can’t afford business casual attire working for them. Kind of a hidden discrimination.

Even though a lot of people that need these kind of jobs are the very type of people who probably can’t afford business casual clothes. So more or less, they defeat their own purpose, but that’s not my problem, nor will it be made mine.

Dial America, I am crossing you off of the list.


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